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The Human Touch Advantage: Strong Leadership Embodies HR Mindset

In a world of widgets, what sets those leading organizations apart, time after time, regardless of size or industry? In a word, mindset—more accurately, the HR mindset with its prevailing ethos of keeping people first in the minds of decision-makers.

Listening Levels Up Leadership

Experienced and natural leaders know the power of listening, observing and asking careful questions to fully connect with their employees. Some leaders are naturally good listeners, but for most it is an acquired skill. Dianne Schilling shared “10 Steps to Effective Listening” in Forbes, which speak directly towards enhancing every leader’s communication skills.

The Four Keys to Increasingly Complex Change

Change is no longer interpreted in terms of being gradual, steady, progressive or linear; rather, the defining terminology revolves around the lexicon of hyper-fast, disruptive, transformative or non-linear. Consequently, the rules that have traditionally tried to encapsulate the phenomenon of change are also going through multiple revisions rapidly as past becomes an increasingly irrelevant predictor of the future.

The HR Mindset: Keeping People First

For years now, HR professionals have heard that they need to understand their organization’s business to be effective. The question is—does business understand HR?

Are You Brave Enough for Managerial Courage?

The term “managerial courage” was really borne from a need for brave leaders in the workplace: a willingness for a manager to stand up for what’s right, have their team’s back, refuse to sign up for an impossible deadline, or admit they don’t have all of the answers.

Life Of The ‘Office’ Party: Managers’ Holiday Party Gaffes Revealed

A recent survey of executives explored a few of managers’ worst moments at holiday parties and offers tips on how to enjoy a holiday party.

Moving Leaders to Invest in Learning: The Strategic Imperative

Andrew Carnegie, the famous Scottish-American industrialist, spoke volumes about the true heartbeat of organizations—people are the linchpins that make the difference in whether organizations flourish or fade. However, while organizations consistently purchase new equipment and technologies to offer superior products and services, investing in employee development is sometimes an afterthought.

CEO TalkBack: Raising the Leadership Bar

A fundamental belief I hold is that we all have an unlimited capacity to learn and develop ourselves, and that when we share our knowledge and experience we create a better world. It seems that many organizations who are at the leading edge of leadership development share this point of view.

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