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How to Derive Insights from HR Data

In a previous article I discussed how to get clean data for HR reporting. Now let’s move on to the next problem: deriving clear insights from the data.

How to Get Clean Data for Your HR Reporting

All the talk about people analytics has led to a resurgence of interest in better HR reporting. Unfortunately, most of the advice on how to do reporting reads like this: “Metrics should be based on accurate data, they should deliver clear insights, and you should tell a story around those insights that will drive action.” The problem is not that these points are wrong, it’s that those are the very issues that are standing in your way.

Escape from Big Data

You probably feel under some pressure to do something with “Big Data”. What you should actually do is probably far less clear. Let me help.

An HR Transformation to be Proud of

If you studied science or engineering, you probably still find the standard practice of HR a bit odd. As a profession we are quick to adopt faddish practices because they are new, or sound good, or because someone else is doing them. This is a far cry from the disciplined approach to gathering evidence that you learned in university. The question for you is, can you create a change to bring more rigour into your own HR department? Can you drive a quiet transformation you’d be proud of?

Bad Advice, Good Advice, and the Best Advice Ever

A recent HR publication suggested that a good interview question was “What song best describes your work ethic?” That’s bad advice. Enough research has been done on interviewing that we know that type of question is a waste of time. It’s sad to see this sort of thing, but it’s quite common. The standard of evidence demanded by the HR profession is still low. However, that’s changing and I think we’re approaching a world where the standard of evidence required in HR will be far higher.

Tricks for Handling Tough Problems

Simple problems fly by so quickly we hardly notice them; it’s the tough ones that occupy our days and perhaps our sleepless nights. It’s tempting to think that there is some terribly clever solution for our tough problems, a solution that is buried somewhere just waiting for us to dig it up. Sadly, most tough problems don’t have clever solutions.

Can HR Break Free From Its Past?

HR leaders who are envisioning new forms of organization are losing interest in the traditional work of posting jobs and running training programs. They no longer dream of adding new capabilities, they dream of breaking free of the old HR.

Is there something amiss in the talent economy?

There is an article of faith that more education will lead to individual success and economic growth. But if you look around at the number of people with master’s degrees working as baristas it makes you wonder if something is amiss in the talent economy.