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Are You Prepared For Change?

Change is constant and occurs whether we like it or not. Understanding its components on a personal level can help us translate that understanding to the organizational level; an important thing as organizational change typically affects many different areas of that organization. Maybe even more important is the effect that change has on the individuals within the organization, and the impact the change has on them.

Infographic: How to Say No at Work

The word ‘no’ has gotten a bad rap and we avoid it because it’s confrontational. But you can say no, if you know how.

Are You Brave Enough for Managerial Courage?

The term “managerial courage” was really borne from a need for brave leaders in the workplace: a willingness for a manager to stand up for what’s right, have their team’s back, refuse to sign up for an impossible deadline, or admit they don’t have all of the answers.

HR During Challenging Times

HR professionals have a unique opportunity to help their businesses meet and even anticipate people-specific impacts during difficult times. It’s not a stretch to think that anyone who can help mitigate these effects to the point where employees are not just staying but are engaged and even thriving will have the full attention of the most senior leaders in their organization.

Equipped to Compete? Making the Most of Mobile Teams and Tech

It’s no secret that in order to run a successful company, you need to commit a lot of resources to human capital management. This includes making sure you have not only the right people, but the right technology as well to handle labour relations, health and wellness, payroll, benefits, and every other aspect of HR management.

Gender Minorities in the Workplace: From the Flip Side of the Male-Dominated Workplace

As the sole male in my workplace, I’ve learned a few things about how men and women work, interact, and coexist with one another. That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences in the hopes that those who read it can learn from it.

Workplace Policy Rarely One For All: The Value of Communicating the Difference

Each and every workplace is unique. They have their own brand of personalities and expectations, and, of course, their own set of policies. Policies are set in place for a reason; they protect the company from lawsuits and align staff with company procedures. Put another way, policies are a set of rules defining what is expected and allowed in a workplace—and what is not.

The ABCs of Disruptive Communication: From Mission Statement to Mantra

Disruption has many forms and faces, and when it strikes, it can be nothing short of devastating. While there can be many causes, a common obstacle is ineffective communication.

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