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Leading Change By Targeting Mindsets (and Hearts)

Every organization needs to continuously adapt to its business environment. Naturally, responding to external changes requires internal changes, and these changes can range from incremental to transformational. Achieving sustainable change is hard. Arguably the single biggest challenge in achieving change is changing people’s behaviour.

Great Reads to Lead The Way in Learning

Reading remains the most available, affordable and practical way to develop ourselves and our interactions with others. Here are two books that have a great deal to teach us about learning, mindfulness, professional development, leadership, and coaching in organizations.

Empathy Underrated? Soft Skills Offer Solid Value

In contrast to the ongoing conversation about technological advancement, the topic of empathy is turning up everywhere these days—in best-selling books, in surveys, and perhaps not surprisingly, at conferences exploring the future of the workplace. While an admirable trait, empathy is also being proven a powerful edge, a conduit to deeper understanding, better responsiveness and improved communication between employees, managers and HR professionals.

10 Fantastic Coaching Questions to Ask Your High Potential Talent

Natalie Michael shares some great coaching questions you can ask your best and brightest people.

To Find (and Grow) High-Potential Employees

What if the real question behind rock-star recruitment decisions was not how to find the illusive top performers—but to create them. What if the key to finding and keeping potential has much more to do with growing it as opposed to competing against other companies for it?

Fostering Flow, Feedback and Forward-Thinking Communications

Let’s revisit a very simple concept with complex implications—aspirations without communications are unlikely to be achieved. It is in the free flow of those communications, fed continually by quality feedback, that we find the grounds for turning aspirations into very real innovations.

Emotional EQuity Brings Inspired Returns

It’s that touchy-feely stuff business balks at: feelings in the workplace. However, emotions are equity, and rational or not, they’re an unseen information powerhouse—and essential to achieving end results.

Five Steps to Integrating Coaching into your Talent Management Strategy

In a time where we’re surrounded by change and have so many demands on our personal and professional lives, the need for coaching is at an all-time high. Here are five steps detailing how you can integrate coaching into your talent management strategy.

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