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The Four Keys to Increasingly Complex Change

Change is no longer interpreted in terms of being gradual, steady, progressive or linear; rather, the defining terminology revolves around the lexicon of hyper-fast, disruptive, transformative or non-linear. Consequently, the rules that have traditionally tried to encapsulate the phenomenon of change are also going through multiple revisions rapidly as past becomes an increasingly irrelevant predictor of the future.

The HR Mindset: Keeping People First

For years now, HR professionals have heard that they need to understand their organization’s business to be effective. The question is—does business understand HR?

“Learning In” to Create a High-Performance Culture: Psychological Safety Key to Unlocking Breakthrough Results

Have you created a work environment that, in theory, has all the elements to breed high performance, but are still not seeing the breakthroughs needed to propel your organization to the next level? What is it that is holding your employees back from excelling?

HR Ambassadors Wanted: Creating Agents of Change

Attracting and retaining talent continues to be a challenge for employers due to the competitive job market, flat compensation budgets, shortages in critical skillsets and a constantly changing business environment. In other words, the life of the HR professional is not about to get any easier—unless we look within.

Changing From the Inside Out: From PowderKeg to Powerhouse

A study by leading strategy consultancy, McKinsey & Company, showed 70 per cent of all change efforts fail. Further analysis revealed a theme across the majority of failures. The Achilles’ heel of virtually every change program? Old habits.

Change Management Simplified

Change management sounds complicated, the kind of thing you’d take a university course in. One should presumably understand various change models and have mastered change processes and have a variety of change management skills. This somewhat grandiose framing of change management is not wrong, just not that helpful. We can do better with a simpler perspective.

Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks? Five Steps to Growing EQ

Nic Tsangarakis explores how emotional intelligence skills, also referred to as EQ, such as conflict resolution, can be learned or enhanced. Current studies and his personal experience strongly suggest that it really is possible to teach an “old dog” new tricks.

Daniel H. Pink: A Catalyst for Change

Daniel Pink’s latest book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, brings him front and centre at the 53rd Annual HRMA Conference + Tradeshow to offer a fresh look at the art and science of influence.

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