Category: Workplace Wellness

Workplace Tragedy: Report Recommendations for Employer Response

No one wants a work-related tragedy to happen. But if the worst does happen, the way the employer responds can make a significant difference to the family of an injured or deceased worker.

Chronic Health Conditions: Courage in the Workplace

Chronic illness and disease, and what it means for both employers and employees, is a reality that merits further discussion.

Employee Wellness: Limit the Effects of Divorce in the Workplace

When a marriage falls apart, the ordeal of separation is upsetting and difficult for an individual to navigate. Unsurprisingly, the emotional stress caused by this knotty and complicated process often has a negative impact on the life of the employee in the workplace.

Weathering Winter on the Way to Work

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace death, and more crashes causing worker injury or death occur between October and February, according to WorkSafeBC. New resources now available for employers and supervisors planning, implementing and monitoring a winter driving safety program.

10 Bad Habits That Should Be Banned from the Workplace Forever

Over the years, we have developed work styles that are not good for our physical, mental or emotional health. Here are 10 bad habits to break.

Five Signs of Caregiver Stress (And What You Can Do To Help)

It has been estimated that almost 50 per cent of seniors still living at home receive care only from family and friends. For caregivers, this can result in decreased self-care and increased levels of stress and anxiety. According to Statistics Canada, around eight million Canadians are caregivers, six million of which are in the work force. Recognizing employee stress and burnout is important in maintaining a healthy workforce.

Canadian Workers Face Office Reality: Most Productive Place to Work Also Contributing to Stress, Burnout

Thirty per cent of Canadian managers work 11 hours or more per day, according to a recent survey.

Avoiding Employee Burnout When Travelling For Business

Seeing the world, meeting interesting people and acquiring new skills: these are just some of the perks of travelling for business. Although it can be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience, frequent business travellers know that it can also be a tiring and demanding experience.