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How to Derive Insights from HR Data

In a previous article I discussed how to get clean data for HR reporting. Now let’s move on to the next problem: deriving clear insights from the data.

Improve Your Diversity Intelligence: Eliminate Your Blind Spots

By aligning diversity intelligence (DI) with leadership strategies and communication practices to ensure a truly collaborative, inclusive and engaging work environment, we can inspire high-performance teams and improve organizational and project success. DI, like other skills, is a competency that requires learning and constant improvement. As the dynamics of our diverse workplaces change, so must we.

How to Get Clean Data for Your HR Reporting

All the talk about people analytics has led to a resurgence of interest in better HR reporting. Unfortunately, most of the advice on how to do reporting reads like this: “Metrics should be based on accurate data, they should deliver clear insights, and you should tell a story around those insights that will drive action.” The problem is not that these points are wrong, it’s that those are the very issues that are standing in your way.

Are You Brave Enough for Managerial Courage?

The term “managerial courage” was really borne from a need for brave leaders in the workplace: a willingness for a manager to stand up for what’s right, have their team’s back, refuse to sign up for an impossible deadline, or admit they don’t have all of the answers.

HR Can Add Value Through Conflict Management

HR can add great value in many substantial ways: not the least of which is advising, guiding and providing training to managers to reduce workplace conflict.

Survey: Many Canadians Work an Extra Half Week to Take a Week Off

Company culture, processes and workloads may create a Time off Tax.

Escape from Big Data

You probably feel under some pressure to do something with “Big Data”. What you should actually do is probably far less clear. Let me help.

How to Make a 5-Hour Workday Work for You

The 9-to-5 grind has created a cult of workaholics. Can you make the leap to a 5-hour workday?

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