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Fear Freezes the Free Mind Factor: Finding the Path to a Culture of Helping

What does the free mind factor bring to work? Quite simply, everything.

However, it thrives only in certain situations or environments—typically characterized by creativity, innovation, collaboration, originality, and lots of new cool ideas; you get the idea. All of these words relate to the ability and willingness to make new things happen that have and bring value.

Onboarding with Innovative Intent: A Tale of First Day Realities

Onboarding with Innovative Intent: A Tale of First Day Realities

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and first impressions are often difficult to change. Innovative onboarding should be a workplace norm, however, the reality is more divisive.

Listening Levels Up Leadership

Experienced and natural leaders know the power of listening, observing and asking careful questions to fully connect with their employees. Some leaders are naturally good listeners, but for most it is an acquired skill. Dianne Schilling shared “10 Steps to Effective Listening” in Forbes, which speak directly towards enhancing every leader’s communication skills.

Empathy 101: Why are Soft-Skills so Hard?

While neuroscience has had ripple effects across various fields of endeavour, one thing that has united them all is that we human beings are “wired to be social and empathetic.” Indeed, it is said that the brain is a social organ. If that is so, why are there managers, leaders and even some HR professionals who find it difficult to consistently access these traits—to provide a genuine and empathetic response—when it’s most needed at work? The answer to this arises from a complex set of factors for which neuroscience offers further explanation.

HR at the Crossroads: Strategic Partner or Policy Police?

Human resources as an effective business partner within the organization is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage—as more organizations recognize it as a strategic role improving the interface between human capital and business operations. In short, the HR business partner drives organizational performance adding value.

CEO Talk Back: Why Not You?

Mindset is an interesting thing. It can mess with you, or contribute to your success in powerful ways.

2016 HRMA Rising Star: Christina Seargeant, CPHR

While a passion for technology steered Christina Seargeant, CPHR towards MediaCore over three years ago, a professional passion for HR quickly took hold. Developing a full-suite of HR programs for the start-up, Seargeant elevated her organization and made it the obvious choice for acquisition by Workday, which occurred in 2015. Recognized as a valued HR business partner at Workday ever since, she was also celebrated as the 2016 HRMA Rising Star.

Welcome to the “Gig Economy”

The rise of the “gig” or “sharing” economy is one of the most consequential trends shaping the contemporary labour market. “Gig” jobs are an example of what economists describe as “contingent” work. Such work can be contrasted with a traditional job, in which a person has a durable and structured employment relationship with a specific employer that maintains a permanent (or long-term) workforce.

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