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  • CPHR Canada Opens Seven Paths to CPHR

    Given the diversity among today’s HR professionals, the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Canada re-evaluated the framework used to recognize education and experience in relation to the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

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  • HRMA Grants Accreditation to Okanagan College

    The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) recently recognized Okanagan College as an accredited institution. This accreditation status provides students access to HRMA’s networking, learning, and employment resources. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet professional certification requirements of

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  • Coming (and Going) Careers in the Second Machine Age?

    The world of work is being transformed as we enter a new phase of the “age of the machine.” With disruptive technologies pushing the frontiers of automation, some of the comparative advantages humans have traditionally enjoyed relative to technology are eroding.

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  • Gender Identity: Where Does Your Workplace Discussion Begin?

    We are currently witnessing the increase of cultural awareness about transgender issues in what Time Magazine has dubbed the “next civil rights frontier” (Steinmetz 2014). In this emerging and changing reality, policy makers, employers and leaders across many sectors are experiencing the pressing need for advice and resources on transgender issues, interests, and needs. Many employers feel at a loss of where to begin to address these issues within the workplace.

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  • Smart Hires Lead the Way for Learning Cultures

    Learning cultures within organizations are becoming a standard job expectation as job seekers weigh their options when saying yes to an employment offer. In an increasingly competitive marketplace of dynamic talent, such cultures have become requisite for sustainable success.

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