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  • HRMA Grants Accreditation to Okanagan College

    The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) recently recognized Okanagan College as an accredited institution. This accreditation status provides students access to HRMA’s networking, learning, and employment resources. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet professional certification requirements of

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  • HRMA Partners with BCIT

    The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) is continuing to develop collaborative partnerships with education institutions, and recently signed final papers of agreement with the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Okanagan College.

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  • Report: HR Manager Among Most Underrated Jobs

    When it comes to careers, some may seem more attractive than others. But many jobs that are viewed as highly desirable have downsides, and are not as glamorous as they look on paper, according to a new CareerCast report on the most overrated and underrated professions.

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  • Tricks for Handling Tough Problems

    Simple problems fly by so quickly we hardly notice them; it’s the tough ones that occupy our days and perhaps our sleepless nights. It’s tempting to think that there is some terribly clever solution for our tough problems, a solution that is buried somewhere just waiting for us to dig it up. Sadly, most tough problems don’t have clever solutions.

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  • What is Your Company Story?

    Your story is the way your brand is remembered when you are not in the room. It reminds people both inside your organization and without of what you stand for, where you came from and where you are going.

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