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  • Engagement Sapped by Common Mistakes: The Case of Uber and Amazon

    The world of employee engagement has been experiencing new sounds and rhythms, where reciprocity and co-creativity are becoming the tunes of the day. In a digital workplace increasingly characterized by transparency, employees expect much more than a pay check and

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  • When HR Meets PR

    A couple of weeks back, a woman in Winnipeg went public with a story about her job application with a local food delivery company. It turned into a PR nightmare. How would you have handled the situation?

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  • Investigation is the New Arbitration

    Beware the misuse of the due process tool in your workplace management toolbox.

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  • CEO TalkBack: Four Principles for Putting People First

    There are many competing priorities for a leader’s time: customers, products and new innovations among others. Yet, organizations that put people first send a clear message. The best organizations and leaders actually spend the majority of their time on people, and their development.

    Although the actual practices for putting people first may change depending on the market conditions and cultural realities here are four principles that stand the test of time.

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  • Co-Creative Conversations: Leading, Motivating and Evaluating with Excellence

    By Sasja Chomos When I ask leaders if they are having regular conversations with employees, they inevitably say, “Of course! I talk with my staff all the time.” While there is no doubt that multiple communications happen on a daily basis, the real question becomes: are leaders having the right kinds of conversations that lead […]

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