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  • ETA on the New Air Travel Regulations

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is implementing new travel regulations for foreign nationals who do not otherwise require a visa to come to Canada. The new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program will pre-screen air travelers for admissibility concerns prior to

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  • Good Jobs and Integrated Thinking

    HR needs to see how deeply people factors are integrated into the overall strategy of how an organization works. Reading The Good Jobs Strategy is a great introduction to the kind of integrated thinking HR needs to embrace.

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  • Embrace Failure for Organizational Success

    Embracing failure within an organizational culture—by encouraging creativity, taking risks, trying new things, and openness to new ideas—is key to organizational success. There are many shades of grey regarding failure, but nearly always a silver lining. Failure is not necessarily

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  • Rethinking Recruitment: Redefining the Candidate Experience

    How candidates perceive your organization impacts who you attract, who you can hire, and how engaged they are when they serve your customers. Guess what? If your candidate experience is amazing, you’ll be able to deliver amazing candidates who are

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  • Handle with Care: Non-Competition Provision Results in Increased Notice Period

    Before incorporating a non-competition provision into an employee’s contract of employment or reminding a departing employee that a non-competition provision precludes him or her from competing and will be strictly enforced, employers should carefully consider the value of proceeding in

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  • Alcohol, Drugs and Work

    Addictions in the workplace lay at a complicated intersection of many areas of law, including human rights, privacy and workplace safety. They are also increasingly receiving the attention of our legal system. Here are some common concerns.

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  • Health and Safety Programs: Fit to Work?

    The field of workplace health and safety is rapidly evolving on several fronts.

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  • Dealing With a Problem Employee? Prepare for Your Meeting

    If you’re a manager or supervisor, sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with a problem employee. The secret hope is always that the problem employee will miraculously transform overnight. But more often than not, unless actively managed, performance problems usually get worse. But taking action can be a daunting task. Here are two things that you can do to prepare and thus reduce your anxiety.

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  • Flexible Benefits for a New Generation(s)

    If you ask most HR people what employees think of their benefit plan, the common answers are: “It’s ok”, “I’m satisfied” or “I wish we had more.” Not really a ringing endorsement for a sizeable investment.

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