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  • How to Get Clean Data for Your HR Reporting

    All the talk about people analytics has led to a resurgence of interest in better HR reporting. Unfortunately, most of the advice on how to do reporting reads like this: “Metrics should be based on accurate data, they should deliver

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  • Are You Brave Enough for Managerial Courage?

    The term “managerial courage” was really borne from a need for brave leaders in the workplace: a willingness for a manager to stand up for what’s right, have their team’s back, refuse to sign up for an impossible deadline,

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  • Listening Levels Up Leadership

    Experienced and natural leaders know the power of listening, observing and asking careful questions to fully connect with their employees. Some leaders are naturally good listeners, but for most it is an acquired skill. Dianne Schilling shared “10 Steps to Effective Listening” in Forbes, which speak directly towards enhancing every leader’s communication skills.

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  • Empathy 101: Why are Soft-Skills so Hard?

    While neuroscience has had ripple effects across various fields of endeavour, one thing that has united them all is that we human beings are “wired to be social and empathetic.” Indeed, it is said that the brain is a social organ. If that is so, why are there managers, leaders and even some HR professionals who find it difficult to consistently access these traits—to provide a genuine and empathetic response—when it’s most needed at work? The answer to this arises from a complex set of factors for which neuroscience offers further explanation.

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  • Infographic: Six in 10 Employees Report Increased Work Stress

    Stressed at work? You’re not alone. Recent survey results show heavy workloads chief culprit; millennials among the most stressed at work.

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