• The CEO Wish List: What the CEO Wants From HR

    The CEO Wish List: What the CEO Wants From HR

    Find out what CEOs want from and value in HR—as well as what they are not getting. Interestingly, when it comes to crafting a CEO wish list regarding HR, five topics rise to the top time and again.

  • The Politics of HR

    The Politics of HR

    At its most basic level, politics is about people, power and the ability to influence events. It’s something human resources professionals have given considerable thought to over the years, articulating it in recent decades as “getting a seat at the table” or being recognized within organizations as an integral part of the leadership team.

  • Summertime Networking: 10 Tips to Make Hot Connections This Summer

    Summertime Networking: 10 Tips to Make Hot Connections This Summer

    According to Alaina G. Levine, summer is the perfect time for reluctant or inexperienced connectors to dip their toes into the networking pool. Here, she shares 10 tips to help you get started.

  • “Smart" Isn't Good Enough: Seven 21st Century Learning Skills

    “Smart” Isn’t Good Enough: Seven 21st Century Learning Skills

    With the influx of technology into the way we work, traditionally accepted concepts of what “smart” is have become outdated. Edward D. Hess explains why you need to develop new 21st century learning skills.

  • 6 Reasons Why you Should Use your Vacation Days

    6 Reasons Why you Should Use your Vacation Days

    Not taking a vacation this year? You could be doing more harm to yourself and your company than you might think. Here are a few reasons why employees should make sure they use their vacation days.

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  • Beyond Survival Mode: How to Avoid Burnout and Thrive

    As any working professional can attest, there are fatigues which rest does cure—and if left unaddressed can lead to burnout. For HR professionals in particular, the risk is as real as the multiple responsibilities and stressors of the role. What

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  • Social Media, HR and Progressive Policy

    With ubiquitous applications such as Twitter and LinkedIn having become standard tools of communication within the business community, managing the risks and rewards associated with social media remains one of the biggest challenges faced by HR professionals in todays’ workplace.

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  • 20 HR Gurus You Should Follow on Twitter

    There’s a new kind of networking on the horizon. These days, HR gurus are taking to Twitter to share insights, start dialogues, and redefine this ever-evolving department. It’s a conversation that every business professional—and certainly all aspiring HR superstars—should be a part of.

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  • Know Your Workforce to Better Drive Your Business

    Given their importance to business outcomes, it would be expected that HR leaders would have a clear understanding of the ongoing ebbs and flows of their workforce. However, research shows that few organizations have a good grasp of their workforce dynamics.

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  • Better Off Together: Age-Diverse Workforce a Winning Formula

    Take a walk around one of Global Relay’s five offices around the globe and something jumps out immediately. No one looks the same. Their 300-strong workforce is made up of people of all different ethnicities, gender and age. There’s no cookie-cutter employee. The company, which provides messaging and archiving technology services to the financial sector, has embraced and leveraged diversity from day one.

    August 27, 2015 | 0 comments | View Post

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