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  • HRMA Grants Accreditation to Okanagan College

    The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) recently recognized Okanagan College as an accredited institution. This accreditation status provides students access to HRMA’s networking, learning, and employment resources. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet professional certification requirements of

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  • HRMA Partners with BCIT

    The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) is continuing to develop collaborative partnerships with education institutions, and recently signed final papers of agreement with the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Okanagan College.

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  • Becoming the Concierge-Minded HR Consultant

    Most expense-intensive/non-value-added/minimum-valued-added functions are being actively outsourced to willing consultants who are happy to oblige in fulfilling organizational demands. However, such delegation comes with a price since significant number of consultants end up being “curative addictions,” rather than “galvanizing enablers”

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  • Bad Advice, Good Advice, and the Best Advice Ever

    A recent HR publication suggested that a good interview question was “What song best describes your work ethic?” That’s bad advice. Enough research has been done on interviewing that we know that type of question is a waste of time.

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  • Is Micro-learning the Next Big Thing?

    A relatively recent addition to L&D concepts, the growth of micro-learning has in part been fueled by three primary factors: the ability to put training pieces on mobile devices, our shorter attention spans, and the lack of time available for most employees to dedicate to learning in today’s organizational environment.

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  • Infographic: 19 Science-backed Productivity Hacks

    This infographic explores scientifically proven hacks to increase productivity.

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  • HR During Challenging Times

    HR professionals have a unique opportunity to help their businesses meet and even anticipate people-specific impacts during difficult times. It’s not a stretch to think that anyone who can help mitigate these effects to the point where employees are not just staying but are engaged and even thriving will have the full attention of the most senior leaders in their organization.

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