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  • Alcohol, Drugs and Work

    Addictions in the workplace lay at a complicated intersection of many areas of law, including human rights, privacy and workplace safety. They are also increasingly receiving the attention of our legal system. Here are some common concerns.

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  • Flawed Investigation A Recipe for Trouble

    A flawed investigation of alleged employee misconduct is a recipe for trouble. It can, in certain circumstances, result in a significant damages award against an employer. This is illustrated in a number of cases, but perhaps none better than

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  • The Profound Benefits of Volunteering

    In additional to all of the positive side effects, the act of volunteering creates huge opportunities for growth in leadership. Serving as a volunteer whether it be on a board or handing out water at a finish line requires the same level of maturity, professionalism and commitment as the highest paid opportunity.

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  • John Wooden: From Basketball to Organization Agility

    I was a big fan of John Wooden, the great basketball guru at UCLA, who coached his teams to 10 national championships in 12 years, including seven straight, a feat unlikely to be repeated. Wooden preached the pyramid of success, a multifaceted view of living and competing well. But he also had a number of sayings, and one of my favorites was, “Be quick but don’t hurry.” There’s a powerful lesson here for organization agility.

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  • Infographic: A 2015 Guide to HR Jobs and Compensation

    This infographic is a visual guide to HR jobs and compensation in 2015.

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