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  • Improve Your Diversity Intelligence: Eliminate Your Blind Spots

    By aligning diversity intelligence (DI) with leadership strategies and communication practices to ensure a truly collaborative, inclusive and engaging work environment, we can inspire high-performance teams and improve organizational and project success. DI, like other skills, is a competency that

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  • How to Get Clean Data for Your HR Reporting

    All the talk about people analytics has led to a resurgence of interest in better HR reporting. Unfortunately, most of the advice on how to do reporting reads like this: “Metrics should be based on accurate data, they should deliver

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  • When HR Meets PR

    A couple of weeks back, a woman in Winnipeg went public with a story about her job application with a local food delivery company. It turned into a PR nightmare. How would you have handled the situation?

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  • How to Attract and Manage the Generation Z Workforce

    For the last few years, the millennial labor force has dominated many HR conversations, but it’s important to note the new generation joining the workforce: Generation Z. Experts find that the needs and experiences of Generation Z are unique, as

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  • Creating Space for Change: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

    The difference between the best and the worst, between success and failure, between mediocrity and excellence, is often very small. Witness how tight the spread between first and last place can be in an Olympic downhill race. A single insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience. That is one reason why I call myself a lifelong learner. There is a constant need to fine-tune our skills, to be constantly on the lookout for those little things that make a big difference.

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  • #BCTech Summit Explores Innovation: Vancouver Entrepreneurs Tackle Social Issues with Tech

    Thousands gathered at the #BCTech Summit in Vancouver last month to explore the latest ideas and innovations fueling our economy. Among those gathered were some of Vancouver’s own entrepreneurs who have been using technology to solve pressing social issues.

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  • Infographic: Wellness in the Workplace

    This infographic provides tips for a healthy, active workplace.

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