• The Do’s and ‘Darwins' of Social Media

    The Do’s and ‘Darwins’ of Social Media

    Like it or not, as greater numbers of employees and customers tweet, post, share, snap and pin, HR is becoming more and more entwined with managing an organization’s brand. We don’t need to look too far to find several recent examples of the ‘do’s and Darwins’ of social media, and why there is a need for HR to be more involved in developing a social media strategy.

  • Social Media @ Work For HR

    Social Media @ Work For HR

    When LinkedIn was launched in 2003, few in HR could have predicted the role social media would come to play in the profession. In fact, few probably recognized the term “social media” in 2003.

  • Human Rights Tribunal: A Schrenk Explainer

    Human Rights Tribunal: A Schrenk Explainer

    In March 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments in a case that raises very important issues as to who is entitled to protections against harassment and discrimination in the workplace and in what workplace settings and employment-related relationships.

  • Talent Management: Putting People First

    Talent Management: Putting People First

    Talent management is attracting a crowd. While usually delegated to HR, it is currently gaining visibility and sparking discussion about just what it encompasses, and who is best qualified to lead it.

  • Recipients Announced for CPHR BC & Yukon's 2017 Professional Awards

    Recipients Announced for CPHR BC & Yukon’s 2017 Professional Awards

    CPHR BC & Yukon is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Professional Awards.

  • Training and Teambuilding (more)

  • Resilience: A Teachable Skill for Navigating Change

    Persevering in the face of adversity is critical to getting ahead. It has the power to take us farther than IQ, education or experience alone. It’s applicable across all roles and all lines of business in every industry around the

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  • Are You Prepared For Change?

    Change is constant and occurs whether we like it or not. Understanding its components on a personal level can help us translate that understanding to the organizational level; an important thing as organizational change typically affects many different areas of

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  • Safety Trumps Belief: Of Hardship and Helmets

    Good employers are concerned about respecting the Human Rights of their employees, and they should be. Sometimes there can be a real tension between respecting Human Rights and the safe management of the workplace. A recent case from Quebec illustrates these challenges.

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  • CEO TalkBack: Leadership Learning to ‘Like’ Social Media

    Last month I was at an executive coaching conference and in between sessions the majority of people quickly grabbed their phones and started tapping away. I am not sure what exactly they were doing. Email? Instagram? LinkedIn? Snap chat? Text? I had no idea. When I got back to my hotel room and checked the hashtag for the conference on Twitter, and the conference group on LinkedIn, my social media feeds erupted. Pretty much every minute of the conference was available to me, including play-by-plays of the moments I missed. The point is—social media is everywhere.

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  • Social Media @ Work: Of Policy and Productivity

    Social media has becoming a significant HR issue for many reasons, but it’s also hard to get a handle on—unless we go back to the fundamentals of a good policy.

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